Tine Min

Kunstner Tine Min

f South Korea 1985
Atelier: Frederiksberg, Denmark

Artist biography

Tine Min was born in 1985 in South Korea. She is a sculptor and her main material is stoneware. Her art enforces the intuitive process where her bare hands enter into dialogue with the living nature material. It is raw unpolished energy.

The sea has always been a great source of inspiration for her. She is trying to get us to reconnect with the forces of nature. Her works of art are also signs of sensitive contrasts and imbalances.

She creates aesthetic monster sculptures. A manifestation of nature and her own stream of emotions. A break with the static and digital world - Be human, get in touch and join her FLOW.


Self-taught sculptor

2009 - 2012
Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Copenhagen, Denmark


The Second Gallery, Frederiksberg, DK

AndLight, Copenhagen, DK

The Holy Art, Virtual Exhibition

Villa Kultur, Copenhagen, DK

WALL Gallery, Aalborg, DK

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Kunstner Tine Min
Kunstner Tine Min
Kunstner Tine Min
Kunstner Tine Min