Noah Koppel Levy

Kunstner Noah Koppel Levy

f. Frederiksberg, Denmark 2001
Atelier: Vera, Day College

Artist biography

“My artistic practice is vibrant, energetic and expressive. In my life and work, I am inspired by nature and landscape paintings. I work with art to express myself and to fill the life that once is. Death is a great source in my life as it is one of the reasons I paint. The fear of death, to lose. I am inspired by 60s to 80s art, where the abstract is about to have the role in art.

I build my paintings with many layers, where one stroke takes over the next. How old stories and a hidden time are inside the painting. I work to bring a visible life to life in my streets. ”

- Noah Koppel


Vera School of Art and Design, Copenhagen, DK

2020 -
Assistant to visual artist Magnus Frederik Clausen

The Visual Arts Line & the Writing Line, Copenhagen Art School, Copenhagen, DK

Holbæk Art Academy, Holbæk, DK


Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling, Copenhagen, DK

Painting project for NNE at Marienlyst bathing hotel, Marienlyst, DK

Pop-up arts, Art Festival in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, DK

Black CPH, Copenhagen, DK

Nørr & Leo Studio, Aarhus, DK

KU.BE, Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, DK

Kunstner Noah Koppel Levy
Kunstner Noah Koppel Levy