Mads Edinger

Kunstner Mads Edinger

b. Copenhagen, Denmark 1996
Atelier: Østerbro, Denmark

Artist biography

Mads Edinger was born in 1996 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Through his art, one experiences motifs and thoughts that come from within him, where the imagination and reflections only grow. A place where the unlikely becomes probable. Mads does not try to refine his art too much, but instead cultivates his beauty flaws in the direction where his style becomes his own.

"Welcome to my universe, where dreams and thoughts we prefer to avoid become reality.

For me, the art of the picturesque is to create its own narrative which will cause some people to form their own intuitions, while others will notice some more internal and underlying references. It is not my wish to create something so close to reality that a camera can handle the task, that is why I paint ”.

- Mads Edinger


Self-taught artist


Gallery Grisk, Aarhus Street Art Festival, Aarhus Ø, DK

Kunstner Mads Edinger