Ljudmila Vodopic

Kunstner Ljudmila Vodopic

f Sarajevo, Bosnia 1969
Atelier: Vejle, Denmark

Artist biography

Ljudmila Vodopic was born in 1969 in Sarajevo, Bosnia. She moved to Denmark in 2005 in connection with the conflict in Sarajevo, where she lived at the time when the conflict broke out. Ljudmila now lives in Vejle, where she lives with her family.

Ljudmila is a full-time artist with her own studio and course business, where she teaches students on changing teams. She has exhibited at many galleries, art associations, cultural centers, public and private institutions in Denmark and Europe. 

Ljudmila's art is characterized by her very own and unique style. One is in no doubt about the artist when one sees one of her works.

"I have been painting and drawing for as long as I can remember. My world is colors and lines. I work with many different materials: oil, paper, chalk, acrylic, charcoal, ink - all materials that capture my curiosity.

What I paint is a reflection of my reality, as an artist and as a woman. The inspiration comes from many places: a dream, a child, books, a movie or a place that may seem familiar, even though I have never been there.

I like a lot of color compositions on large canvases, colors that meet and blend, leaving transitions and edges that create their own imaginary worlds. This appeals not only to understanding, but rather to seeing, sensing and sensing. A single line can be a path to my inner self and not least to my surroundings ".

- Ljudmila Vodopic


Trained journalist, Sarajevo, BA

1989 - 1991
Educated in art school, graphic line, Sarajevo, BA


Danish Art Gallery, Vejle, DK

Voigt Fine Art, Esbjerg, DK

Easter exhibition in Mølholm Parish House, Vejle, DK

Exhibition, New York, USA

Exhibition, Milan, IT

2012 -
Voigt Fine Art, Esbjerg, DK