Lasse Riisager

Kunstner Lasse Riisager

f. Hjørring, Denmark 1991
Atelier: Vesterbro, Denmark

Artist biography

“I find peace and satisfaction in producing some of the motifs that are constantly dancing around in my head. I would actually call it an addiction. At the same time, it means that I work at an incredibly high pace and produce a wealth of works with very different motifs and expressions.

As soon as I stand in front of the canvas and start sketching a motif, an explosion of thoughts, creatures and color combinations occurs in my brain, which is expressed in a recognizable expressive and abstract expression. I use a lot of paint and paint with my hands, touching sticks, paint buckets, brushes and whatever else falls into the rewarding situation, giving a distinctive look.

Through the strong monstrous figurations in my works of art, I try to draw parallels to the society we live in. ”

- Lasse Riisager



2018 – 2020
Civil Engineer, Operation & Innovation Management, Copenhagen, DK

2013 – 2016
Bachelor, Global Business Engineering Aalborg University, Aalborg, DK


Art Nordic, Copenhagen, DK

Kunstner Lasse Riisager
Kunstner Lasse Riisager
Kunstner Lasse Riisager
Kunstner Lasse Riisager