Judith Fischer-Hansen

Kunstner Judith Fischer-Hansen

b. Copenhagen, Denmark 1952
Atelier: Zealand, Denmark
Abstract, Expressionism

Artist biography

Judith Fischer-Hansen was born in 1952 in Copenhagen, Denmark. She paints with great passion for the colors and tries through her works to communicate her own experiences from the beauty of nature to the audience.

In the encounter with Judith Fischer-Hansen's impulsive and color-saturated paintings, it is impossible not to be carried away by her abstract and expressionist expression.

“I am a painter, not a visual artist, because I have a relationship with color. From the painting my world emanates, and there it returns ”.

- Judith Fischer-Hansen


2021 -
Member of the Danish artist community at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, DK

Self-taught artist, Copenhagen, DK

Kyoto International Academy, Kyoto, JP


Fabulous for flower, Gallery Gl. Lejre, Lejre, DK

Window to the world, Gallery Gl. Lejre, Lejre, DK

Open but never interpreted is nature's speech, Gallery Gl. Lejre, Lejre, DK

Charlottenborg's Spring Exhibition, Copenhagen, DK