Henrik Busk Andersen

Kunstner Henrik Busk Andersen

f Aalborg, Danmark 1967
Atelier: Aabybro, Denmark

Artist biography

Henrik Busk Andersen was born in 1967 in Aalborg, Denmark. He was already as a boy fascinated by the art of painting and has since, developed his artistic talent. He has worked as a full-time visual artist and sculptor since 2002, and is today considered a recognized artist.

Henrik Busk Andersen's paintings are abstractly figurative and nonfigurative. A reinterpretation of the abstract design language of the Cobra movement.

The main theme in some of the paintings is the interplay between man and woman, love, longing and anger. The motif is expressed in strong, bright and clear colors. Bodies and faces, are experienced as dimensional croquis shapes that shine through the composition.

"The raw paint is my instrument to play my melody, my pen to write my poem, my mouth to tell my story, my lens to focus on the erotic, the beautiful, the forgotten, the hidden, the indifferent, the unspoken, the filth under the rug or the skin in a person's inner backyard.A painting or work depending on the snooping effect has a surface, a layer or more, painted to use paint or to be the top of the iceberg and be the top of the bottom, a bottom you may see, or will see, or do not want to see, but only use the top, as ice cube that quietly dries up.But beware in the world of fairy tales, the emperor's new clothes are worth as much as the crow that is cooked soup on in klodshans. A cat can be a dog in a picture, it's so easy to fly with wings, the paint fills and then it's done ".

- Henrik Busk Andersen


Self-taught artist

Selected Exhibitions

Danish Art Gallery, Vejle, DK

Hjerm art gallery, Struer, DK

Gallery Beck, Brønderslev, DK

Gallery Bo Skagen, Skagen, DK

Kunstgalleriet, Slagelse, DK

Voigt Fine Art, Esbjerg, DK

Easter exhibition in Mølholm Parish House, Vejle, DK

"Brobyggeren", 120 kilos patinated bronze, Vejle, DK

"Balls tell it all", 15 kilo patinated bronze sculpture, Godsbanen, Aarhus, DK

Kunstner Henrik Busk Andersen
Kunstner Henrik Busk Andersen
Kunstner Henrik Busk Andersen
Kunstner Henrik Busk Andersen