Gunleif Grube

Kunstner Gunleif Grube

f. Skála, Faroe Islands 1947
Atelier: Copenhagen, Denmark
/ Thorshavn, Faroe Islands

Artist biography

Gunleif Grube was born in 1947 in Skála, Faroe Islands. He moved to Denmark in 1959 and made his debut in 1980 at the Artists' Autumn Exhibition. He has since become a renowned poet, author and visual artist. His visual art is represented in several public and private collections nationally and internationally.

Gunleif Grube's paintings are abstract expressionist. He often depicts a human figure in an empty, undefined space. The paintings are for him a study of the complexity of the inner man, a search that is not clarified in the persons' faces, as the facial features are indistinct, but which must be felt and experienced in the painting style, the colors and the human body's presence in space.

Gunleif himself describes his art in that he uses painting as an instrument, where lines, figures and colors in an outburst that sensually expresses drama, suspense, life and death.


Member of the Association of Visual Artists (BKF), Copenhagen, DK

Self-taught artist

Selected Exhibitions

GALLERY V58, Aarhus, DK

Statens Museum for Kunst (SMK), Copenhagen, DK

Kunstindustrimuseet (Design Museum Denmark), Copenhagen, DK

Faroe Islands Art Museum, Listaskàlin, Thorshavn, FO

Vendsyssel Art Museum, Hjørring, DK

Oldenburg Stadtmuseum, Oldenburg, DE

Frederikshavn Art Museum, Frederikshavn, DK

Carlsberg Museum, Copenhagen, DK

Fanø Art Museum, Fanø, DK

Olivia Holm Møller Museum, Holstebro, DK

Norden Hus, Thorshavn, FO

Large Art Exhibition, Düsseldorf, DE

Krabbe Gallery, Malaga, ES

Art Herning, Herning, DK

Gallery Christoffer Egelund, Copenhagen, DK

Gallery Wolfsen, Aalborg, DK

Gallery Jørgen Østergaard, Ikast, DK

Gallery South, Falster, DK

Gallery X, Rungsted, DK

Gallery Flintholm, Svendborg, DK