Gabriel Augusto

Kunstner Gabriel Augusto

f. Goiânia, Brazil 1991
Workshop: Goiânia, Brazil

Artist biography

Gabriel Augusto was born in 1991 in Goiânia, Brazil. He has always been interested in art, and the ability to express himself. At the age of seven, he was taught drawing at the Goiânia Museum of Art. In 2010, he began studying graphic design at Senac Graphic Technical College. In 2014, he was admitted to Goiás Federal University.

During the course of events, many events occurred in his life. Death and depression were only the tip of the iceberg. It created a growing urge for Gabriel to create something personal to soothe his mind and powerlessness. The poetics behind his works of art come from, human suffering, his pathologies, death and a pinch of hope.


2014 - 2019 
Goias Federal University (FAV), Goiânia, BR

2010 - 2014
Senac Graphic Design Technical College, Goiânia, BR

1997 - 1998
Goiania Museum of Art, Goiânia, BR


Secrets, Oscar Niemeyer Cultural Center, Goiania, BR

São Paulo Museum of Art, São Paulo, BR

Kunstner Gabriel Augusto
Kunstner Gabriel Augusto
Kunstner Gabriel Augusto
Kunstner Gabriel Augusto