Cecilie Nyman

Kunstner Cecilie Nyman

born Aarhus, Denmark 1970
Atelier: Svendborg, Denmark


Artist biography

Cecilie Nyman was born in 1970 in Aarhus, Denmark. She lives and works in Svendborg. Cecilie Nyman works with the figurative both in the painting and in her drawings. Cecilie's art is about people and space, the interior and the exterior. Expressions and impressions. Sensations, transparency and strength in fragility.

Cecilie works with oil and tempera on canvas. It is interesting for the artist, especially at the beginning of the process, to let the paint and pigments work and from there seize the good that emerges on the canvas and carry it on. The communication between the artist and the canvas is important for creating the desired expression.


2019 -
Painter teaching at Søren Søndergaard, Funen Art School, Odense, DK

2015 - 2019
Drawing lessons at Anne Krebs, Funen Art School, Odense, DK


Gallery Kunst 86, Copenhagen, DK

Ros Gallery, Roskilde, DK

PORTRAIT NOW, The National History Museum, Copenhagen, DK

Dots on the wall, Gallerie Lorien, Frederiksberg, DK

The TV show, Denmark's best portrait painter, DR, Copenhagen, DK

Kunstner Cecilie Nyman
Kunstner Cecilie Nyman
Kunstner Cecilie Nyman
Kunstner Cecilie Nyman