Carla Nørremark

Kunstner Carla Nørremark

f. Hvidovre, Denmark 2002
Atelier: Hvidovre, Denmark


Artist biography

“In my works is seen very clearly, my eternal fascination with human bodies and fascination with the sea, which can be seen as recurring motifs that are sometimes involved almost completely unconsciously. At the same time, there is something about the depth of the blue color and the different shades that can be combined in every conceivable way, which is also very pervasive in my art.

The need to create art stems from everything; ranging from a need to tell a larger or smaller story, to depict some more abstract thoughts and feelings, to paint a stagnant slice of my reality, to show the world through my eyes, to the simple need to see something take shape between my fingers.

I am still very young, still finding "my line" and striving for this to be under eternal change, however with the hope that my expression can still always be recognized regardless of material use and method. " - Carla Nørremark

“Her later works contain the sensuous span between the tactility of the oil chalk and the smooth feel of the acrylic paint. The works show crumpled and distorted bodies made of mosaics consisting of organic shapes in blue backgrounds, where the transparent is mixed with the solid. In their texture and form, they refer to the maritime, and their blend of impermeability and transparency creates both spaces and stays, as well as sequences of points that obstruct the movements of bodies. The appearance of the bodies is completely differently detailed - full of nuanced color surfaces. In the sequentiality of the mosaic, the bodies are more demanding to read. Thus one is left with a feeling of something irreconcilable between them and their otherwise natural surroundings. The role of the sea becomes a symbol of internal strife in man; a primordial force that coerces and locks man. ” - Markus Juul Kongstad, curator


Self-taught artist


Young art in selection, Gallery Kbh Kunst, Copenhagen, DK

The Art Fair, Art for all, Copenhagen, DK

Carla Nørremark, Sigg-Art, Copenhagen, DK

Gallery Udtryk, Copenhagen, DK

Sort Syn, Støberiet, Sydhavnen, København, DK

Exhibition Wrestling time, Støberiet, Copenhagen, DK

Young art exhibition, Copenhagen, DK

Respite, Kunstbar, Copenhagen, DK

Under the Tree, Copenhagen, DK

Wonders, Hvidovre Town Hall, Hvidovre, DK

Cohesive power, Hvidovre Main Library, Hvidovre, DK

Kunstner Carla Nørremark
Kunstner Carla Nørremark
Kunstner Carla Nørremark
Kunstner Carla Nørremark