Betty Nielsen

Kunstner Betty Nielsen

born Hadsund, Denmark 1952
Atelier: Strib, Middelfart


Artist biography

Betty Nielsen was born in 1952 in Hadsund, Denmark. Betty Nielsen paints with great interest in colors and that unpredictable in the subject. Her paintings are figurative and abstract expressionist. Since 2011, she has worked as a full-time self-taught visual artist. In recent years, she has had great success with her art, and participated in several solo and group exhibitions.

“In the same way that it is said that dreams are a valve that is necessary to release many of the more or less violent impressions you get of the world around you, my job is to paint my valve as well. My work process alternates between working expressively and in between stopping and assessing the preliminary result of color choice and composition, trying to steer towards a finished result that for me provides a meaningful whole. That way - at least the big paintings - can be months on the way from start to finish.

I want my images to be open to the viewer's own interpretation. That is why I do not give titles to my works. ” - Betty Nielsen


Self-taught artist


Ros Gallery, Roskilde, DK

Filosoffen, Odense, DK

Works Art Fair, Godsbanen, Aarhus, DK

Kunstforeningen, Assens, DK

Kunstgalleriet, Slagelse, DK

Art in Hasseris, Aalborg, DK

Vesthimmerlands Kunstforening, Aars, DK

Kunstmessen Creative Mind, Docken, Copenhagen, DK

Vejle Municipality Art Association, Vejle, DK

Funen Police Art Association, Odense, DK

Kunstner Betty Nielsen
Kunstner Betty Nielsen