Anders Moseholm

Kunstner Anders Moseholm

b. Kolding, Denmark 1959
Studio: Copenhagen, Denmark


Artist biography

Anders Moseholm was born in 1959 in Kolding, Denmark. He is an academically trained painter at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Anders Moseholm paints with a sense of moods, movements and situations from reality. He is inspired by the many places he has stayed through time. Another great source of inspiration is live music, more specifically; jazz music and the atmosphere associated with music.

Anders Moseholm's interpretations and descriptions develop quite differently because he lets himself be guided by his intuition and eternal curiosity. In concrete terms, Anders Moseholm works with geometry, figures, reflections, overpaintings and sometimes text in his motifs. The realistic is connected with the abstract, and thus the motif is expressed.


1998 −
Member of the artist community, Copenhagen, DK

1994 − 1996
Visual Arts School, New York, USA

1989 − 1996
The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, DK

Selected Exhibitions

Way Out Of Me, KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad, DK

Underface, Galerie Leger, Malmö, SE

Wrong Memory, Craighead Green Gallery, Dallas, USA

BEAT, Kastrupgaard collection, Copenhagen, DK

BLACKOUTS, Devin Borden Gallery, Houston, USA

JULY 8, Kunstforeningen, Harderslev, DK

The Time & Space In Between, Craighead Green Gallery, Dallas, USA

The Other Side of This, Galerie Leger, Malmö, SE

SPACE WILL NOT REMEMBER, Agardh & Tornvall Gallery. Stockholm, SE

MOREROOM, HBU Gallery Space, Houston, USA

Where Is My Mind, Gallery Agardh & Tornvall, Stockholm, SE

MOMENTARY MONUMENTAL, Underdog Gallery, London, UK

MIND BROWSING, Devin Borden Gallery, Houston, USA

Things You Can Not See, Galerie Leger, Malmö, SE

Remember to Forget, Hans Alf Gallery, Copenhagen, DK

On Location, Ingela S Gallery, Stockholm, SE

RUSSIA - TA THA GA TA YA (with Nicolai Howalt), Gallery Franz Pedersen, Horsens, DK

Lost At The Top, Grenen Art Museum, Skagen, DK

Dynamic Detour (with Thomas Holm), Gallery Genesis, Athens, GR

VELVET VELOCITY, Gallery Aveny, Gothenburg, SE

PERMANENT STATE OF EXCEPTION, Hans Alf Gallery, Copenhagen, DK

LOOK DOWN NO GROUND, Galerie Leger, Malmö, SE

Beyond Reflections, Franz Pedersen Gallery, Horsens, DK